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Throughout my adult life, I’ve tried multiple times to rid myself of cigarettes. That includes joining formal university studies (👋🏽 hi duke U.!), complete with medical and counseling support. My resulting no-more! Phases never lasted beyond a mere 8–12 weeks.

One would remain untouched and within easy reach, an always-present pack honoring by intuition. Prior attempts failed because I started with a defeatist mindset, removing everything remotely relevant to smoking. By hiding the hallmarks of a smoker, I unwittingly told myself the cigs could easily overpower my how to get rid of ants in your house fast resolve. Lesson learned.

The second pack, opened immediately, gifted my psychic hammer. I smoked, chimney-style, convinced this was my last pack. As I worked my way through the pack, I commandeered each puff by attaching a mantra: your last hurrah, chump! Childish? Yep. Effective? AbsoFrigginLutely! ✦︎ phase two: turn a pen into a hammer, nailing my resolve

I am in turn stubborn, arrogant, and determined. That is, I am stubborn in my refusal to quit, despite obstacles knocking my skleeboop to the floor; sufficiently arrogant to believe I can accomplish any goal I how to get rid of ants in your house fast set; and, determined enough to try, try, and try again after stumbling.

Using a few pages in the A5 slim jibun idea how to get rid of ants in your house fast book (grid), I scribbled month names across the top, then numbered each row 1 through 31. Each day slot hosted that day’s accumulated savings. The apple numbers spreadsheet I conjured provided the monetary figures how to get rid of ants in your house fast within seconds, which I copied to the analog planner. That too was deliberate. While I typically loathe any hint of duplication activity, in this instance I embraced it. What I handwrite tends to stick. What I write repeatedly engraves itself within my very being. I savored the extra punch!

That daily chart covered may through july 2017. The plan: each day without a cigarette would pull a confirming checkmark. The reality: I stopped the checkmarks in late may. Why? Because I passed a painful unexpected test, proving cigs no longer owned me! 🔸 surprise test #1 → my 4-legged son

Hubs learned of jag’s inoperable brain tumors the day before my scheduled pleasure how to get rid of ants in your house fast trip —a week of nature photo shoots, from NC to pennsy and points in between, with a similarly photo obsessed friend. He lives to protect his wife, and thus said nothing. When I returned, deliriously happy per the trip, hubs still couldn’t bring himself to inform me.

End result: I learned the reality of jag’s dire condition only 2 days before D-day, as in death day. Our normally mellow fellow 12-year-old shelter rescue broke character. Completely housebroken once past his chew-everything-in-sight puppy phase, he now plopped with abandon.

A second clue: rather than curling up at the bottom of the bed how to get rid of ants in your house fast at night, he climbed into the shower stall. The furry dude always avoiding lotsa-water locales. I spent the night on the floor, cuddling him, bewildered yet sensing the trauma soon to unfold.

The following morning, my mind flipped back and forth between numerous fun jaggie how to get rid of ants in your house fast moments, and that cigarette pack. Like a brick falling onto a bare baby toe, my brain thundered a curt yet eloquent: NO! 🔸 tests #2 and #3: hubs on a gurney, with me staring, in an ambulance

When completing family-history forms , I look atop the no column, check the first item, then draw an arrow through all related qs. No serious medical problems in my family tree, until advanced age does its thing. The ambulance, racing through streets almost as fast as your heart races

My peripheral vision caught him holding one upper arm. Closer inspection noted the blank look in his eyes, dropping my jaw. His failure to respond sent me racing to the phone. The 911’d paramedics ran quick tests, then gave each other looks, heightening my fear. Off we raced, to the nearest emergency room.

I watched hubs disappearing under an ocean of tubes. Since I’m a card-carrying member of the when in doubt, pass out club, I forced myself to walk outside. Fresh air restores my senses, keeping me upright. As usual, the pack of cigs sat in my bag. I fondled it, and even whipped out my purple zippo (cuz, ya know, purple!). First surprise: the zippo worked, despite prolonged non-use. Second surprise: so too did my resolve.

Stop it. You ain’t heard nuffin bout no code blue, red, or whatever the it is. Get a grip. Ignore the host of worries called “tomorrow.” no drama, momma. Stand up straight. Breathe deep. Exhale. Be thankful: speedy paramedics, their skills, the vehicles, the nearby hospital … now git yoe sorry back into the room. . . . Oh, and call your homie. Now!

The second time at the hospital, I played it solo, without my homie. Instead, as I sat in the hospital room I pulled out how to get rid of ants in your house fast my bujo. Creating a new list, I focused on fun times with hubs and the countless how to get rid of ants in your house fast ways he enriches this life. Doing so prevented a worry-fest, ushering poindexter to points unknown. A little explicit gratitude goes a looooong way in reinvigorating how to get rid of ants in your house fast one’s spirit… and attracting miracles.

Throughout both debacles, cigs remained a stubborn stranger to these lips. They no longer succeeded in their coercive false promise of how to get rid of ants in your house fast inner peace. Because I took concrete steps, at the outset—to hammer my decision to quit, when crunch time came cigs lost their magnetic grip. ✦︎ and now?

After promptly evicting the fake, I focused on my remarkably blessed life. One bad apple highlighted the magnificence long surrounding me. In many cases, the friendships blossomed during toddler years. These folks know me —my essence, my strengths, my foibles— and unfailingly remain in my corner elevating, always and in all ways. And ya better believe it’s a two-way street.

Because I’ve long relished these quality women, I forgot about the fake friend vibe “out there.”I pulled out the self-care component of my bullet journal, turned to an empty page in its idea grid book, and created a new list/log. I wrote the names of my beloveds, descending down the left margin, each assigned multiple rows. Across the balance of the facing pages, I rulered sufficient vertical lines to cover a year.

My weekly reviews gained an extra step. I study that list, ascertaining who to contact during the upcoming week. I may send a surprise, just because. I may dial a phone number, just because. I may text, just because. Regardless of contact method, my intent remains the same: tell folks, explicitly and through my actions, how much I value them in my life. Geography’s hundreds of miles, creating distance, coerces extra effort to ameliorate that distance spiritually. I’ve learned: karma adores this.

Lesson learned: like backstabbers, poindexter relies on darkness. The very act of acknowledging him goes a looooong way how to get rid of ants in your house fast in defanging the fool. I repeat aloud what he whispers. I ask how I’d respond if those words were uttered to a friend how to get rid of ants in your house fast in my presence. That depersonalizes the attack.

I also track poindexter’s more energetic attacks in the self-care bujo. Brief notes appear within a list view. By comparing these notes with the time blocking/ logging info, I discern patterns. Long story short, with few exceptions, each step away from my comfort zone effectively launched a how to get rid of ants in your house fast sustained poindexter attack.

Example: I’m working in the background at the server, trying to figure out a wordpress snafu impacting the blog. Typically, I’m convinced I’ll blow up the net if I make one wrong how to get rid of ants in your house fast move. So I gamify the chore, giving myself brownie points for every 30 minutes the net how to get rid of ants in your house fast retains its vitality.

Silly? Yeppie! But here’s the deal. I relish and respect the kid within. She finds humor in dang near everything, while her adult counterpart gets caught up in seriousness. Playing to my inner munchkin relieves pressure and stress, at least for the moment. But that small breather proves a launch pad to succeed how to get rid of ants in your house fast re the objective in focus.