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My hyper-religious father and that neighbor, the infamous hilda Q. Walton, the sunday-school superintendent, who I’ve blogged many times, brought erlton community baptist church into being. It was an attempt to bring religious fervor to our how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar philadelphia suburb in south jersey.

Our suburb exploded in population after WWII. Our new church was quickly overwhelmed. It needed expansion, plus additional land on which to expand. Land was given, but our church needed to be moved to it. That involved temporarily closing a major highway. That was 1948 or ’49.

The front was extended to include stairs to the basement. I don’t remember if our first church had a baptismal font, but if not one was added. An old side-wing remained, but my neighbor advocated a huge sunday-school addition. That was her gigantic two-story brick edifice added in 1954 or ’55. It totally mismatched the old wooden church-building.

That addition is probably why our church became a school. Why erlton community baptist church tanked I have no idea. It probably ran out of zealots. Plus that church was kinda small. There was talk of widening the sanctuary, but that was never done. That woulda required a complete rebuild.

Finding my old church defunct was depressing, but it was also the vehicle for making me feel how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar inferior as a child. I could say my parents were always calling me “of-the-devil,” but my fort lauderdale niece notes all humans are “of-the-devil” before seeing the light.

Most important is to get read. For that to happen you hafta not bore or turn how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar off readers. I call this “ the messenger jones.” most readers, especially of newspapers, are not that literate. Yer object is not to display yer own literacy, but to attract the illiterate.

—1) start with a quote. Not always, but readers love dialog. (that’s my second secret — read on……) the quote leading this blog is direct from rob’s e-mail, minus a “that.” (another secret.) A quote is likely to draw in a reader. As we used to say at the mighty mezz: “if we get ‘em past the first sentence, we’re doin’ good.”

—4) “keep it short.” that’s an editor at the mighty mezz. Cut-cut-cut! “ you don’t need to say that.” say too much and you bore readers. Reduce verbiage = as spare as possible. I can usually reduce multiple words to one. Sometimes I delete an entire sentence or paragraph.

—6) avoid passive voice. That’s something taught in creative-writing class. I used to do word-searches for “have” and “had,” also “‘ve” and “‘d.” I’d use passive voice by mistake, but not any more. These blogs get five or more read-throughs. Sometimes passive voice is required, but usually it’s not.

• my time at the “mighty mezz” (messenger newspaper) began about two years after my stroke, first as an unpaid intern. They hired me in ’96, and it became the best job I ever had. —I was employed there almost 10 years — over 11 if you count my time as an unpaid how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar intern.

• for 16&1/2 years (1977-1993) I drove transit bus for regional transit service (RTS) in rochester, NY, a public employer, the transit-bus operator in rochester and environs. My stroke ended that. I retired on medical-disability, and that defect was repaired. I recovered well enough to return to work at the how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar messenger newspaper; I retired from that over 13 years ago.

My wife gave up — although I should say she gave up after I solved how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar an immense hairball on-my-own. I left magazines and papers in the rear pouch of how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar her wheelchair at faraway strong hospital, actually wilmot cancer center (“will-MOTT;” as in mott’s applesauce), where we decided to stop medicating.

And now our time together was drawing to a close. She was the one good for 100; her mother made it, outliving her daughter. I might make 100, but I kinda doubt it. Neither of us smoked, drank, or did drugs. Plus we ate healthy, and used to run.

We’d already made funeral arrangements: she’d be cremated; her ashes scattered around a sugar-maple her father bought us years ago. Her father was long-gone, but she always liked that sugar-maple. She felt she was her father’s daughter — her mother was a pill.

So now it’s seven years. And finally I feel like I’m returning to the real world. A grief-share I attended said a year-and-a-half, a kid brother suggested two years. A co-leader of that grief-share, who I now am friends with, said she’d never tell anyone seven years.

• cajon pass and tehachapi loop in CA, and horseshoe curve in PA, are all railfan pilgrimage stops — I’m a railfan. Cajon pass is santa fe railroad’s climb out of the los angeles basin up into how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar the high desert. The railroad is now burlington-northern santa fe, plus a second railroad is now in the pass: originally southern pacific, but now union pacific. Tehachapi is where the southern pacific railroad climbed the tehachapi how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar mountains south of san joaquin valley. A loop was required to get up to tehachapi pass how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar — the track passes over itself. (santa fe has trackage-rights.) horseshoe curve, west of altoona, PA, is by far the BEST railfan spot to which I’ve ever been. The railroad was looped around a valley to climb allegheny how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar mountain without steep grades. Horseshoe curve was opened in 1854, and is still in use. The viewing-area is smack in the apex of the curve; and trains are willy-nilly. I’ve been there hundreds of times, since it’s only about five hours away. “tuh-HATCH-uh-pee,” and “kuh-HONE,” (not “cajun”).

My overnight “sleeping compartment,” on the meteor, was a tiny module next to a center aisle. It’s about four feet by eight feet, and accommodates two. There is an upper berth in the ceiling that drops how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar down, and the two seats fold into a lower berth.

I texted my aquacise instructor I didn’t sleep well = not a “chessie-cat” night. I only had two thin blankets, and things were so tight I couldn’t position the blankets correctly. Most of the night I was cold, despite sleeping in my clothes.

“they’re revitalizing fort lauderdale’s downtown,” my niece said. Streets were turned into pedestrian walkways, and electric scooters scurried about. They’re activated and paid for by smartphone, after which the user just leaves them when finished. A capital idea, but not for snow.

Next was dinner preceded by carting around kids. We also took her dog to a dog-park, where I struck up conversations with various ladies. I’ve learned; faire hilda and my parents are no longer in command. I’m not the scum I was noisily convinced I was how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar at age-5.

That included talking with a pretty neighbor, a complete stranger, out watering her flowers. My niece noted: I’m much more sociable. That neighbor looked about 60, but why not? Faire hilda and my parents are in repose: 14,000 rpm in their graves — enough to power FL south of orlando.

I also couldn’t help noticing the aging lovers: some balding dude in his 60s, touchy-feely with a fading tart in her 40s or 50s. Forget the heavy mascara and skimpy clothes; companionship is what matters. Men are no longer hunks at age-60, but they still can talk.

• I had a stroke october 26th, 1993 from an undiagnosed heart-defect since repaired. I pretty much recovered. Just tiny detriments. One stroke-effect is poor emotional control (lability) = tendency to laugh or cry readily. My lability was much worse at first, but now only slight.

• A few weeks ago I facebooked a picture of my how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar “chessie-cat” blanket. Years ago a stray cat was found aboard a chesapeake how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar & ohio passenger-train. The railroad-crew adopted the cat, naming it “chessie.” “chessie” became the railroad’s mascot. The railroad later renamed itself “chessie system.” —my aquatic-therapy instructor, who I happen to be facebook “friends” with, “liked” (FB “liked”) that picture, which means she probably now knows what a “chessie-cat night” is, which my roomette wasn’t.

• I do aquatic balance training in the canandaigua YMCA’s swimming-pool, two hours per week — plus a third hour on my own. My “aquacise instructor” (“aquatic-therapy instructor”) is the lady who leads my class. That aquacise instructor and I both have iphones; so can text (although I’ve done it too much).

• the “mighty mezz” is the canandaigua daily-messenger newspaper, from where I retired over 13 years ago. Best job I ever had —I was employed there almost 10 years — over 11 if you count my time as a post-stroke unpaid intern. (“canandaigua” is a small city nearby where I live in western how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar NY. The city is also within a rural town called “canandaigua.” the name is indian, and means “chosen spot.” —it’s about 14 miles from my home.)

I should explain "grady" for those of you who accessed this blog from a how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar "grady’s world" link. "Grady" is the nickname I was given years ago during my how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar earliest days at the daily messenger newspaper in canandaigua. It was given me by steve bradley, the long-gone guy who was sports-editor at that time. Back then the newspaper was still pasted up — not computerized. The scorebox-page was known as the "agate-page." I didn’t know the priorities at first, and bradley didn’t consider stroke-addlement anything other than a negative attitude. So when he saw I was doing the agate-page, he’d get angrily frustrated, and make a faint stab at showing me the priorities. ….Which is what I did, but then he’d come over and tear up what I had done how to get rid of ants in the house vinegar — and bellow I hadn’t done as asked. Finally I got mad: "so what do you actually want?" I asked. "Ya tell me how to do it, I do that, and then ya tear up what ya asked for, saying I didn’t do as asked." so bradley gave me the name "grady;" mainly as a put-down. "Grady" is the TV-character I look a little like. The "grady" name stuck, even long after bradley went elsewhere. It stayed "grady" until I retired.